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Book Review: A Novel on John Knox

Title: The Thunder
Author: Douglas Bond
Date Started: March 1,2013
Date Finished: February 1, 2014

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How many have I read: I have currently read all of his published fictional works

My Rating: 3

Summary: The story follows George Douglas, a pupil of John Knox alongside his brother Francis. The story begins at the fall of the Castle of St Andrews and follows through his time as a galley slave then his traveling back and forth between England, Scotland, and Geneva preaching the doctrine of the reformation.

The main character and his brother have been separated from their father since they became pupils of Knox, and a good friend, Alexander, since they were captured in the siege. Being underage and still under the protection of Knox they follow him in all his travels and exiles until they come of age when Francis accepts a position in the reformed church of Scotland and George remains as Knox’s secretary until he is made a deacon in a church in Scotland.

My thoughts: I knew that the style was going to be similar to The Betrayal which is my favorite of Bond’s books so I think I went into this book a bit prejudiced. I thought the beginning was very slow, especially compared to The Betrayal, whose main characters back story is a bit more intense and involved. I felt as though I was just being told what was happening in Knox’s life instead of getting to know the main character.

Halfway through, however, I felt that it began to pick up and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think I would have enjoyed the rest of it more if I hadn’t been so prejudiced. I do wish that he had written one more chapter, or even just one more paragraph to finish up the story. I felt that he ended it in a bad spot for the MC.

Where did I hear about this book: I have read most of Bond’s books so I keep up with his blog and website here

Where can you get this book: Amazon.comBarnesandnoble.com