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Book Review: The Arcrean Conquest book 3

Title: The Isle of Arcrea
Author: Nicole Sager
Date Started: February 8, 2014
Date Finished: February 13, 2014 

Other works by author: The Heart of Arcrea,
The Fate of Arcrea 

My Rating: 5

Summary: A woman appears from a little known isle off the coast of Arcrea asking for help for her son. Falconer undertakes the seemingly impossible mission which stirs up memories of his own, long suppressed, past.

Meanwhile a young shepherd named Seth ends up on an adventure of his own.

My Thoughts: Though I loved all the books, I liked this the best of the three. I’ve always reveled in stories involving forgotten pasts, and past secrets.
And while most of the original cast of characters from the first book only get minor roles I loved getting to know the new characters.

This action/adventure series is a must read, especially if you’re looking for Christian fantasy books without the magic.

Where did I hear about this book: From the teaser at the end of The Fate of Arcrea

Where can you get this book: Amazon