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Review: Free Online Writing Conference

How helpful was this conference? 5

Where did I learn about this conference? A friend posted a link on Facebook.

Who hosts this conference? S. R. Johannes and Ali Cross

This was my first writing conference ever and best of all it was online and free so I didn’t have any inconvenience.

It was very interesting and inspiring. I learned so much about self publishing and even some new things about writing. There were some good articles, great vlogs and podcasts, informative twitter chats and on site chats, and awesome giveaways.

I would highly recommend that if you are interested in self publishing your book, or even learning more about it compared to traditional publishing that you attend if they do it again next year. Also I think that they have this years archived on the site so you could still look at it if you wanted to. And last years is up as well, I’ll be looking into that soon.

Now to get back to my writing, I can’t wait till my stuff is ready to publish now!