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Rebel’s Keep

Title: Rebel’s Keep
Series: The Crown and Covenant Series #3
Author: Douglas Bond
Date Started: August 30, 2014

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Genres: History, Fiction

My Rating: 4

Good for ages: 13+

Summary: The struggle between the Scottish Covenanters and the English continues. Angus, Duncan, and their father continue harassing the dragoons to protect their families and neighbors. Angus still longs for peace, preferably to flee the country to the American colonies, but he accompanies Ducan to fight at the battle of Airds Moss. When they return Captain Inglis is hunting down all covenanters that fought in the battle and their families so the M’Kethe family then moves from their croft on the hills into a cave.

When Angus is captured trying to lead the dragoons away from his brother and a minister the M’Kethe family creates a plan to free him and the others. Angus taught his nephew Malcolm well with the bow but Malcolm forgets to look for sentries being lost in the scene unfolding before him, it is then that tragedy strikes the M’Kethe family and they flee to the colonies.

My Thoughts: This was always been my favorite book of the trilogy, it’s full of thrilling adventures and the continued struggles of those trying to be faithful to God. There are a few gross parts as they describe some of the deaths of the martyrs of the time, and of course there are the descriptions of the battles.

My Favorite Quotes:

~ “Malcolm,” said Duncan, halting and leaning over so he could look his son full in his wide merry eyes. “Be silent! Och, lad. Ye said ye’d not make a sound. But ye’ve gone on for these five minutes and been making a whole string of sounds, hardly stopping long enough to breathing.”

~ “Och, aye, lad. Events are in God’s all-wise hands,” replied the minister. “Ours is to obey…and to suffer, just now.”

~ “But what can we do against so many?” asked Angus. “We’re but four in arms; they have thousands.”

“We do in God’s name, what we can,” replied his father. “And what we can do by stealth increases our numbers against unsuspecting dragoons. We hope in God, and we continue our patrols.”

~ My end is sure, thought Angus, trying desperately to hold down the urge to break and run.
My en is sure. Slowly a faint smile played on his lips, and the rising storm of panic was checked. Of course: My end is sure. The words took on a new meaning.

~Without pale death
We will no resurrection gain,
Nor win the joy
Without the sacrament of pain.

Where can you get this book: Amazon, Bondbooks