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King’s Arrow

Title: King’s Arrow
Series: The Crown and Covenant Series #2
Author: Douglas Bond
Date Started: July 31, 2014

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Genres: Fiction, History

My Rating: 4

Good for ages: 13+

Peace loving Angus just wants all the fighting with the English to be over. Quite the opposite of his older brother Duncan he does not want to learn to use the Musket or Claymore, he is more than content using his bow and only to protect sheep. But when cruel Archbishop Sharp is murdered by fanatical covenanters and bloody Claverhouse takes over things just seem to get worse.
When Claverhouse proclaims any covenanter that bears arms as treasonous to the king they must decide how they will protect their families. Angus is forced to join his father, brother and others in taking up arms to protect the women and children when they are attacked during a field meeting.

My Thoughts:

I love this book. It continues the same struggle against the English that was in Duncan’s War but six years later and from a different perspective. Instead of high-strung Duncan who looks forward to a fight it is his younger brother who doesn’t want to fight.
I appreciated reading about Angus’ struggle as he wants to be peaceful but he must decide when it is right to back down and love his enemy and when loving his enemy means he must defend his neighbor.

My Favorite Quotes:

I have no love for Sharp’s murdering ways,” said Sandy M’Kethe. “And he surely was the chief designer of our woes. But murder’s murder. And there’s no justice in it. With this foul deed, these men bring more harm to the Covenant than any of us kens.”

“Aye, and peace-loving man that I am, I’m nevertheless inclined to think that there are times when fearing God means standing against the injustice of the king. Not an active rebellion, mind ye, but nor by celebration and giving public show of support for his evil schemes. As I am a Christian, we’ll light no bonfire.”

“What ye’re longing for, lad,” said his father, “is heaven. Aye, ye might find more freedom for a time in other lands. But, I’m thinking, it’d only be for a time. Nae, lad. Fix yer hope on heaven, and be faithful to God’s summons while abiding in this our benighted Scotland.”

“Duties are ours, Angus. And ye shall have duties enough in the days ahead, I should think. But for now–and always– leave the events to King Jesus’ hands, not in King Charles’s.”

Where can you get this book: Amazon, CBD, BondBooks