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A Different Kind of Courage


Title: A Different Kind of Courage
Author: Sarah Holman
Date Started: September 27

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Genres: Historical Fiction, War, Romance

My Rating: 5

Good for ages: 12+

Summary: William Landor returns from a four year stay in England to a Boston full of contention. The people are split into to groups, the whigs (or rebels), and the tories, along with the British soldiers that are now quartered in the town.

William returns full of secrets, hiding in the shadows and his only goal is to gain his father’s favor. Being friends with one of the British soldiers but also with Dr. Joseph Warren, one of the leaders of the ‘rebels’, he goes out secretly at night protecting both sides. Finally his loyalties are questioned by his friends and he must decide which side he is on, and if he will tell his father the truth.

My Thoughts:  I love this book! Revolutionary war, double life, and a little romance are my absolute favorite story elements and this has all three.

I loved the characters, their development and interaction. I loved all of the advice that was given to William throughout the story, it was good advice I could follow in my own life.

I also enjoyed learning more about Dr. Joseph Warren, I knew a little bit, like the fact that he was one of the three riders the night of Lexington and Concord.

Overall, my favorite book by the author, and probably my new favorite historical fiction book.

My Favorite Quotes:
~Joseph never ceased to hold my admiration. I could never imagine my father or Edmond giving away one inch of space on one of their ships for someone in need.

~”William, my friend, you have to stop hiding in shame. I know that takes courage, but you must ask God to give you the courage you lack. You must stop looking to your father for validation and instead look to God.”

~That is why England and her colonies are on the brink of war: we are in a struggle for freedom. we are in this struggle so that all men can one day have freedom and be equal. So that one day, people like Selah will be judged by their character, not the fact that they are indentured. And those like Matthew will no longer be enslaved for the color of their skin.”

~”There is a light that can only be found on the other side of darkness, there is a peace that can only be found on the other side of struggle, there is a faith that can only be found on the other side of doubt, and there is a healing that can only be found on the other side of pain,”

Where can you get this book: Amazon