The Princess Adelina

Title: The Princess Adelina
An Ancient Christian Tale of Beauty and Bravery
Author: Retold in English by Julie Sutter

My Rating: 3

Summary: Adelina – a young orphan of Irish missionaries to Germany – is required to marry the Herzog (or ruler) after a brief encounter. His mother -recently widowed – is firmly set against the Christians of the neighborhood. The Herzog himself does not dislike them but refuses to become one of them.
Adelina’s faces many trials at home as her husband is easily prone to jealousy. When war breaks out against the heathen lords Adelina is brought face to face with Gisilhar, a former suitor. The Herzog discovers this and invites his mother to his home to watch over Adelina while he is away fighting.
Adelina has to deal with her mother-in-laws tyranny and the selfish protection of Gisilhar while remaining true to her husband and faith.

My Thoughts: The book doesn’t read much like a fictional narrative though there is dialogue recounted between the people, it reads more like a detailed history book. But to my understanding this is a retelling of true events that happened around A.D. 703 in Germany.
The story is interesting to read and carries good messages of faithfulness and trust.

My Favorite Quotes: Error is old, but older still is the Truth which overcometh it.

Where can you get this book: Amazon


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