Title: Hebbros
Series: Companions of Arcrea #1
Author: Nicole Sager

Other Works by Author:
The Heart of Arcrea
The Fate of Arcrea
The Isle of Arcrea

Genres: Fantasy, Religion

My Rating: 4.5

Good for ages: 12 +

Summary: In the middle of Mizgalia the city of Hebbros is an island. The walled city remains isolated from the rest of the world, many people come in but no one goes out.
The lord, Roland, is fed up with the Christians in the city, known as the Faithful. He decides to banish all those known to be a part of the Faithful, but keeping their children within the city and place them in the homes of those known to be loyal to Roland.
Luke, a young boy, is a very new Christian when his parents are banished and he is separated from his level headed twin and little sister. He refuses to stay with any family he is placed with, partially because he want’s to start a revolt among the children, and partially because he is abused.
Wulf and Warin twins who were sworn enemies of Luke and his brother join the castle guard to get away from their own abusive step-father.

These three sets of lives intertwine as the city falls further and further into sin and the king of Mizgalia disapproves of Roland’s ambitions to become king and war brakes out.

My Thoughts: I was a little confused at the beginning about Luke’s gift, but I soon figured it out. After that, I LOVED the book!!

I knew that I would enjoy it because I enjoyed the Arcrean conquest series. There were even a couple characters from that series who made an appearance.

I loved the message of the book. I loved the interaction between the characters, their differences of character, everything!

It was an awesome book.

My Favorite Quotes:
~“By my ridiculously feathered cap!”

~Luke laughed, “We were about to go rescue you from your captors. Pity you had to turn up so soon. I was hoping to storm the garrison gates and sally forth on horseback to carry you to safety.”

~“It is the children who will be most malleable in your hands. Train them up in the way you would have them to go, and the next generation of Mizgalians will be the first of many to reach the state of perfection that I seek.”

Where can you get this book: Amazon


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