The Missing Bride

Title: The Missing Bride
Author: E.D.E.N. Southworth
Date Started: July 31, 2014

Other Works by Author:
The Hidden Hand or Capitola the Madcap
Capitola’s Peril
Ishmael or Self-raised
In the Depths
For the complete list of her works see: EDEN Southworth Wikipedia

Genres: Fiction, History, Romance, Mystery

My Rating: 3

Summary: The reader is first introduced to Edith, grandniece to Commodore Nicholas Waugh and heir to his estate, Luckenough. During the war of 1812 she meets a wounded British soldier and marries him. The Commodore is displeased because he hoped she would marry his friend Mr. Grimshaw.
Edith is disinherited and moves to England and little Jaquelina, another poor relative of the commodore’s is taken in as the heir. When Jaquelina reaches her teens she is tricked into a marriage with Mr. Grimshaw whom she finds hateful.
Meanwhile Edith has returned to the neighborhood, widowed and with her young child and husbands adopted sister Marion.
Marion falls in love with and secretly marries a cousin of Jaquelina, Mr. Thurston Willcoxen. They have a quarrel and Thurston has a small flirtation with Jaquelina, which makes Grimshaw insanely jealous. Grimshaw flies into a rage and Marion ends up in the middle of it.

My Thoughts: I went into the story comparing it too much to some of the author’s other works: The Hidden Hand, and Ishmael or Self-Raised. It reads similar to The Hidden Hand but it didn’t feel as expertly done as that wonderful story was.

The beginning was confusing as there was a string of brides and it was very unclear who was going missing. It was difficult to discern the main character as well as perspectives jumped a lot.

But a quarter or halfway through the story the main characters were established and the story flowed smoothly and was quite interesting.

I really did enjoy it though it took some work to get past the beginning.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Those are fugitives not foes, listen, they plead they do not
threaten, go and unbar the door, Oliver," said Edith.



Where can you get this book: Amazon, Librivox


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